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A list of services offered by your Virtual Health Coach.

As a nurse and health coach, Amy works with a wide range of clients offering a highly personalized approach to weight loss tailored to each individual. Helping clients reach their goals, Amy works in collaboration with doctors to provide you safe effective strategies.

Amy offers sessions by phone, beginning with a complimentary 45 minute breakthrough session. This session is designed to clearly identify your goals. Choose to personalize a program or engage in one of Amy’s foundational programs. As a health coach, Amy specializes in the following areas:

Weight loss breakthroughs

Weight loss with adrenal support

Weight loss with menopause support

Weight loss with diabetes support

Weight loss with metabolic syndrome support

Weight loss with stress support

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For enduring success excellent coaching can make all the difference. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary 45 minute transformational breakthrough session.


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