Have you tried just about everything to lose weight? Are you so frustrated by your yo-yo weight loss patterns that you’re ready to set fire to your diet books?

If this sounds like you, then it’s time for you to experience a Body Transformation Breakthrough with Amy Harrington.

Amy Harrington

Amy’s Story

Amy has helped many individuals transform old patterns into a healthy lifestyle, so they …

  • Achieve sustainable weight loss
  • Look and feel amazing about their bodies
  • Experience more energy, and enjoyment of food, their bodies, and their lives
  • Feel a profound satisfaction that reaches all corners of their lives.

Amy is a Transformational Health Coach who knows that diets are not one-size fits all, and as important as what her clients are eating, is the how, when and why they eat.

Amy draws upon her experience as a registered nurse to safely deliver programs that get results. Her programs are individualized, research-based, and address the physiologic, biologic and behavioral aspects of weight loss. She takes into consideration her clients’ age, metabolic processes, digestive concerns, hormone balance, and the latest research in the microbiome principles (gut bacteria). Amy also infuses her knowledge and extensive experience in exercise physiology to jump start metabolism. She offers movement patterns that align with individual lifestyles to prompt dramatic metabolic shifts.

Amy’s programs also address the behavioral aspects surrounding weight loss. She helps clients identify the habit loops that undermine efforts. Through gentle coaching, she subtly and painlessly retrains those preset behaviors, replacing them with healthy habits.

“It just happens, almost effortlessly, you are making healthier choices in all areas of your life.” – Maureen (age 44)

If you are ready to uncover why dieting hasn’t been working for you, then now is the perfect time to click here and schedule your complimentary Body Transformation Breakthrough session. In this 45-minute session, Amy will help you discover what’s been stopping you, slowing you down or keeping you from having the body you want.

This invitation is based on availability. Appointments fill quickly, so if this is something that is calling you, take the leap. You have nothing to lose, and only Health and Happiness to gain.

Amy’s Credentials

Registered Professional Nurse

Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing

Certified Education Specialist

Certified Health and Wellness Coach

Certified School Nurse

National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach

Masters Study in Advanced Pathophysiology and Pharmacology

Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

Certified Berg Method Keto & Intermittent Fasting Coach

Trained in application of Mental Rehearsal

Trained in Transformational Coaching Methodology