Virtual Fitness Training

What’s Next?

  1. Choose your days and time
  2. Choose your duration
  3. Choose your intensity (Determined together during consultation)
  4. Choose the frequency (Minimum twice weekly)
  5. Invite your friends and make it a group program.  (Maximum of 4)


Get Moving


15 Minute Workouts

2 days per week

Keep Moving


15 Minute Workouts

3 days per week

Ramp It Up


15 Minute Workouts

2 days per week

Total Commitment


15 Minute Workouts

3 days per week

The listed fee is for 1-2 individuals private training.
An additional charge of $10/session for each additional person after 2, Maximum 4 people per group.

Longer duration workouts available upon request.

Advanced group programs running now. $30.00/ week. Qualified individuals with extensive fitness training will be considered upon assessment.

Our Students Love Us

I have been working out with Amy for several years and have also used her as a Health Coach. She is beyond knowledgeable on all aspects of overall health, fitness and nutrition. She is extremely motivating and will help you achieve goals beyond your expectations. Her fitness classes are tough workouts. They are also very fun, energetic and something I look forward to every week. Amy takes the time to teach you the proper techniques to do every exercise. This helps build confidence (and prevent injury)- no matter your fitness level. 

Margaret Keegan

In March 2020 I started my 11th year of training with Amy Harrington. In those 11 years I have experienced a steady improvement both mentally and physically under Amy’s tutelage. Amy keeps things fresh with each new workout. Subtle variations help break the “monotony dread” that I have experienced with other trainers. Don’t get me wrong, Amy works us extremely hard. There are days that had she told us exactly what we were about to embark on prior to the workout, I would have surely checked out. Somehow, someway, Amy finds a way to push me to my limits in every single exercise session. As a result, my self-confidence reaches levels that frankly have not been matched since I was a teenager. I leave workouts totally exhilarated rather than exhausted. This is her secret! As hard as her workouts are, I actually long for them in between sessions. Talk about motivation!

The other thing that I love about training with Amy is her preparation. Class is always well planned and organized. It is clear that her planning starts long before we arrive. The class is custom designed to pick up at the level exactly commensurate with where we left the last session on an individual basis. If one of us is nursing an injury from our everyday life, Amy knows about it. She is always ready with custom adjustments that not only avoid further injury, but actually are geared towards facilitating recovery. This ensures constant growth for everyone in class while maintaining a safe environment. I LOVE training with Amy!!!

Bobbie Dunn

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