Please see our program pricing below. Contact us if you have financial concerns or difficulty paying.

Fitness and Health

4 Week Intensive
Health Coaching

28 Days

$29 /day
  • High Intensity
  • Rapid Results
  • Focused

Health Coaching

90 Days

$22 /day
  • Medium Intensity
  • Steady Results
  • High Accountability


Ongoing Monthly

$100 /month
  • Text Amy and Maintain Health
  • Prevent Illness and Weight Gains
  • Personal, Dedicated Partnership

Group Cleanse


The Group Cleanse is offered three to four times per year. It is a two-week program aimed to help all individuals reset and get clean.

Often, fitness isn’t enough to lose weight. Healthy changes to diet are required to keep the weight off. The Group Cleanse is a collaborative approach to healthy eating and weight loss.

The Group Cleanse registration is capped to keep it personal and focused. Since it is only offered several times per year, the sign up will only be available for a short window before the Group Cleanse begins.